Alhatoglu olive oil

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Alhatoglu was established in 1942 in Akhisar, Manisa and has been in the olive oil business for the last three generations. The company was reformed as an LLC in 1998 by Mustafa and Alper Alhat.

Alhatoglu olive oils are collected from 50,000 trees and are packed in the state of art olive oil production facilities owned by Alhatoglu. Alhatoglu olive oils can be produced from various varieties such as Domat, Gemlik, Edremit and Uslu. Alhatolgu produces all types of olive oils such as extra virgin, virgin, pure, refined and pomace.

Alhatoglu currently exports its products to Russia, United States of America, Kazakhstan, Israel, Brazil, Mongolia and Belarus.

Alhatoglu also has boutique products such as Kidsolio, which is the only olive oil specifically produced for babies and kids.

Milas Olio Kidsolio Casa di Oliva Katalog

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